1 month ago

The last factory-built PhieldBug? We'll be concentrating on sales and support for kit versions, this year.

3 months ago

Another PB off to new adventures...

4 months ago

Today's buyer says: "Lovely to tow. Only problem is that our 7-year-old now insists we sleep in it. Tonight."

5 months ago

News: PhieldBug self-build kits will be available soon! Here's a (low-res) taster of part of the build process...

6 months ago

Another new customer...

6 months ago

Our first proper holiday with the 'bug'. Was having problems with the clutch in the camper, so decided just to park up for a week instead of touring. I got a wee bit fed up correcting folk that it ... See more

6 months ago

The 'Camper and the Kipper' at Douglas Castle for Gig In The Grounds 2019.

6 months ago

Pic from first weekend away with PB. It looks great behind the van!!

6 months ago

A 'nearly wild' tents-only campsite on the Llyn with walk-on access only? No problem with a PB!

6 months ago

Here we go again...