How Is PhieldBug Produced?

Every part which goes into the PhieldBug pod is manufactured on our in-house CNC machine. 118 separate CNC-cut parts are used to build each one. Here are just a few of the parts as they come off the machine:

The parts are precisely designed forms with complex curves. This, for example, is the door web with its numerous lightening holes, cut-out for the lock, precisely positioned hinge fixtures, anti-drip feature, and recess for the glazing trim:

All the CAD-CAM work is carried out in-house, which means we can quickly incorporate updated design features into PhieldBug. Parts are machined as they are needed, so we never ‘use up’ outdated components on a build. Which means that every PhieldBug is built to the very latest version of the design:

The trailer chassis is manufactured from mild steel and galvanised for longenvity. The PhieldBug pod is built directly onto the chassis, unless a customer has requested a supply-only pod in which case we build it onto a temporary subframe. This part-built example is about to have the hidden low-voltage wiring loom installed before the insulation, outer roof, and wall-skins are fitted:

Finishing uses the highest quality epoxy and varnish: