PhieldBug Teardrop Kit Version – £1595 (Coming very soon.)

This is a complete kit to build a ready-to-use PhieldBug teardrop. The kit includes absolutely everything except adhesive and varnish.

The kit is identical to the completed PhieldBugs that we build and sell here. The kit creates – from scratch – a full IVA-accepted trailer complete with galvanised chassis, insulated pod, chromework, interior lighting, exterior lighting, 12V accessories, hook-up cable, shutters, and glazing.

Kit build-time, from scratch to ready-to-use trailer, is two-and-a-half weeks. (Which time assumes you’re working evenings-only.)

We will shortly be switching production almost entirely to these kit versions.

Ready-Built PhieldBug Teardrop – £2995 (Latest beta-test* model: £2249).

We’ve sold nearly a dozen fully-assembled beta’s, and this has given us plenty of feedback to refine the kit and make it as good as it can be. A big Thank You to our beta testers. We’re not looking for any more testers, and we’re ceasing production of these discounted versions soon. The last-ever three beta’s are in production now and will be available as soon as they are IVA’d – late 2019 and early 2020. After which, production is switching almost entirely to kit versions although we may occasionally still produce a few ready-built PhieldBugs, depending on workshop capacity.

The ready-built beta’s are complete, ready-to-use PhieldBugs comprising our monocoque pod mounted on our lightweight galvanised rolling chassis. Includes:

  • Height-adjustable front leg and tie-down.
  • Clear polycarbonate viewports. UV-protected and hard-coated.
  • Interior shutters/blinds for the viewports.
  • Interior stowage shelves for 3 kit-bags or storage-bins, plus net pockets for small items.
  • Interior seats/backrests.
  • Interior LED lighting.
  • Interior 12V power socket.
  • Interior USB power sockets.
  • Power cable for hook-up to a standard vehicle 12V power outlet.
  • Full IVA.


  • Spare wheel – kit or ready-built – add £50
  • Soldering-free kit version – add £50


All viewings are by appointment only, please. An appointment does not guarantee that a PhieldBug will be here for you to buy although we will, of course, endeavour to contact you if the PhieldBug has already sold at an earlier appointment so that you can cancel your visit if you wish. We normally limit appointments to one per day per PhieldBug, which means that you should have at least one day notice of cancellation.

Secondhand PhieldBugs

If you’re viewing a second-hand PhieldBug do feel free to contact us for construction information. From the serial number, we’ll be able to advise you whether or not it was originally sold with an IVA and whether it is a solid beta or a more doubtful prototype.

*What is a Beta-Test Model?

A beta-test model is a fully road-legal PhieldBug built by us from the very latest version of the kit, but it has some exclusions in the warranty due to one or more non-safety-critical components being a new specification and therefore under test. These are sold at a significant discount to compensate for the reduced warranty.

The current beta-test models (June 2019 and later) now have only one warranty exclusion: the coating on the outside of the roof timber. A few PhieldBugs with this coating have already been on long-term test – with no failures – since December 2018. But only when we’ve seen a significant number on-test for a full year will we be able to include this coating in the warranty.